Ayudar a los médicos a desbloquear el poder de los datos genéticos

Now it is easier than ever to access the genetic pattern of an individual with the recent availability of DNA sequencing technology, economic and art.

The study of genomics has tremendous value in analyzing the human lineage, genetic diseases and biological systems. It also offers a powerful new tool for clinical work, allowing to make a medical diagnosis, treatment and risk assessment according to the genetic makeup of an individual.

Unfortunately, the impact on daily clinical medicine has not been very important because existing genomic tools are directed exclusively to the research community and are not easy to use, it is also a challenge to work with large-scale genomic data.

Zoom genetic data and computing power to researchers and clinicians

Platform for Genetic and Genomic Analysis: Gena, founded by CANARIE, not only promotes advanced analysis of genomic data but also makes these data more accessible to biologists and physicians.

Big data individualized

A complete set of DNA data of a person requires a stack of 50 DVDs while a large study with 1,000 patients can contain hundreds of terabytes of data. Thus, it is impractical to transfer genomic data using traditional methods since there is a great difficulty for storage and would be virtually impossible to use if not for research networks and education as CANARIE, with sophisticated software tools and facilities high-performance computing.

The Genap platform seamlessly brings hundreds of components and systems software genomic high performance computing in a single research tool storage capacity and processing power required. This distributed system maintains patient medical information behind a barrier of protection, ensuring privacy and access restrictions as widespread access to public genomic data sets is allowed.

The Genap platform allows researchers as well as physicians seek and exchange genomic data more simply to facilitate rapid advances in research and treatment.

The discoveries in genomics will one day allow family doctors routinely find strange genetic mutations and prescribe drugs especially developed to correct. Although the first beneficiaries of these tools are the families affected by these rare diseases will benefit everyone. Thus, diseases that can affect many of us, such as asthma, certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes, could be caused by new or existing genetic variants in our genomes.

A software to accelerate discoveries

CANARIE recording software allows access to the Genap platform ( This record provides researchers with a variety of free software platforms and reusable software components. The objective of CANARIE to create this record is to provide a robust set of reusable software tools researchers to accelerate discoveries in different areas of research.

Published: 02/2016

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