About this blog

Advanced ICT is the core of the global network of research & education networks, but these critical networks are made up of much more than fibre, pipes, routers and switches.

Research & education networking infrastructure traverses the globe, enabling access to content and resources, connecting people, delivering new experiences, fostering collaboration and cultivating interdisciplinary communities striving to make a difference.

This blog embodies that very spirit, bringing the research & education network community together in a global collaboration with users and beneficiaries to showcase and share some of our most inspiring stories and achievements.

Our Editorial Team
Jane Gifford
Media & Communications Director (AARNet)
AARNet (Australia)
Helga Spitaler
Senior International Engagement Officer (GÉANT)
GÉANT (Europe)
Arne Vollertsen
Communications Specialist (NORDUNet)
NORDUNet (European Nordic)
Audrey Gerber
Communications Specialist (IUCC)
IUCC (Israel)
Dimple Sokartara
Digital Engagement Officer (GÉANT)
GÉANT (Europe)