CUDI (Mexico)

CUDI is Mexico's national research and education network


One event delivers remote surgical training to 1000+ Mexican physicians

More than 1,000 Mexican physicians were trained remotely in the latest endoscopy procedures during a single event in 2015 by using high-definition videoconferencing technology and advanced academic networks.


Cleverly sharing workload across time zones

The control room is the first installation of its kind in America that can operate telescopes and fluorescence detectors at a distance, from Mexico to Argentina. It also maximizes usages times and optimizes the transmission of scientific data.

1481127603 eduroam allows students to connect to wifi when studying abroad

Convenient connectivity while abroad

Mexican student Abraham Montoya Obeso discovered the advantages of eduroam during his stay at the University of Bordeaux in France.


Empowering the Mexican deaf community

Jorge Santiago Jacinto, being profoundly deaf, is a member of the Mexican deaf community, which according to the most recent census data, includes close to 600,000 individuals. He is also the founder of SEVIDA, an initiative contributing to the education and social inclusion of people with hearing impairments. SEVIDA (SEminarios VIrtuales de Discapacidad Auditiva), is a series of virtual seminars hosted and recorded using the video conferencing platform VC-CUDI, provided by the Mexican research and education network CUDI.

1447952011 Live endoscopy proceedure

Transferring technical and medical expertise between Mexico and Asia

Engineers and medical doctors from a number of institutions in Mexico participate in telemedicine projects with their peers in Asia that enable the exchange knowledge and development of new techniques to help with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.