Streaming Colombia’s science and education

Since 2008 the Live RENATA streaming service has amplified Colombia’s research and education by transmitting thousands of hours of knowledge to a growing number of national and international Internet users, and creating new opportunities for learning and discovery.

More than 6,400 events at 130 different academic and scientific institutions in Colombia have been broadcasted, summing up to 34,000 hours of knowledge-rich content.

Live RENATA is by far the most popular service provided by the Colombian research and education network RENATA. Apart from in academia Live RENATA is also used by government institutions to present policies and strategies.

Other organizations such as the Colombian Association of Systems Engineers and the Alumni Association of the University of the Andes have transmitted conferences about engineering, science and culture.

Transmitting thousands of hours of knowledge

The International University of Colombo is one of the most frequent users of Live RENATA. Academic Coordinator Sonia Isabel Bedoya Soto explains:

“We use the service to conduct seminars, give lectures, forums, conferences, experiments, among others. RENATA Live also allows a significant enrichment in different areas of science.

“To Unicolombo, RENATA Live is a very important tool because it allows the training of students, teachers and researchers, the daily review of RENATA conferences, and the selection of the conferences of other institutions that are relevant to Unicolombo.”

Dissemination and integration

Eduardo Duque Cuesta, Director of the Computer Education Department of the University Foundation of the Andean Area, elaborates:

“Live RENATA is one of the best ways to disseminate topics related to science, technology and innovation.

“The service has been very important because it has allowed us to integrate our Multicampus activities, hold events with national and international guests, and reduce travel costs for scientific lectures, training, academic and administrative meetings.

“Live RENATA facilitates the exchange of knowledge with researchers, and it has allowed us to participate in the activities of other higher education institutions. And at the same time, we can share our activities with them.”

Published: 01/2017

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