Submission guidelines

Who can contribute to the In The Field site?

We welcome contributions from regional and national research and education (R&E) networks (also known as RRENs and NRENs), as well as researchers at institutions and organisations connected to these networks all around the world.

What kinds of stories are suitable for this site?

This blog is a collaboration platform for sharing case study stories that illustrate how R&E networks around the world are utilised to solve problems and make a difference to the everyday lives of people. Stories can involve one or several R&E networks. The focus of the story must be on the impact rather than the infrastructure.

Options for posts range from brief to more detailed and include:

  • Video with caption
  • Image with caption
  • Text only
  • Text and image
  • Sub pages are an option for longer posts and if there is more than one image. A gallery of images can be created.

How do I submit a story?

Complete the Submission Form. This is accessible via the ‘Submit Now’ button in the Footer or  ‘Submit a Story’ links in the Footer and Main menus.

Enter a title and the content of your story. If your story is longer than a caption, you will need to create an an excerpt in the ‘Excerpt’ field – this is the sentence or two that will appear on the home page.

You can select (and add) categories, networks and regions that are appropriate for your story from the menus and the bottom of the form.

My network is not in the list – how do I add it?

Enter the name of your network in the ‘Add Network’ field under the Network menu and send us your logo and the url for your website. You can also add this information to the content of your post: use the ‘Add media’ button to upload your logo and we’ll fix it.

What is the best format and size for R&E network logos?

The best format for logos is a transparent png file, 400pixels wide x 300pixels high, with logo centred.

What are the best sizes for images?

The main image for your post needs to be a minimum of 1140 pixels wide x 700 pixels high. Add this via the ‘Featured Image’ field.

If you have additional images, we can create an image gallery for you. These images can be submitted in any size and you will need to email these to us.

How do I add images to my post?

Your main image, the image that is displayed on the home page is the Featured Image and this is uploaded via the Featured Image field in the form.

If you have additional images for your post, we can create an image gallery for you. Additional images can be submitted in any size and you will need to email these to us.

How do I add a video to my post?

Videos can be included in two ways:

  • as the featured video – type the YouTube or Vimeo url for your video in the ‘Featured Video’ field
  • embedded in your post – paste the embed code from any video platform into the Case Study Content field – switch from ‘visual’ to ‘text’ mode

When will my story appear on the blog?

All posts are moderated by an editor before being published. After you complete the form you will receive confirmation that your information was successfully submitted. An editor will process your story asap and will contact you via email with any questions.

Resources for contributors: how to shoot great photos and video

Sometimes a photo taken by a professional just isn’t available to illustrate your posts. But, since most us of have smartphones these days, you can also give it a go. We’ve compiled a few links from around the web to help contributors take the best photos and videos they can, with a particular focus on using smartphones. Visit the Resources page to learn more.

Need more information?

Please contact us – we’re happy to discuss story ideas and help you in any way we can.