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Sonificación de datos: desde la investigación del espacio lejano hasta mejorar vidas mediante estudios sobre el cáncer

"La sonificación de datos es una poderosa herramienta que puede simplificar la manera en la que analizamos los datos... Esta técnica puede aportar beneficios muy importantes para mejorar nuestras vidas, por ejemplo en la investigación sobre el cáncer".

Data sonification: from deep space research to improving lives through cancer research

"Data sonification is a powerful tool that can simplify how we analyse data...This technique can have real benefits to improve our lives, for example in cancer research."

Decoding the diversity of rice to improve yields

To meet world population demands for food it has been estimated that the production of rice, the world’s most important staple food, must increase by 24% by 2050. As well as the challenges involved in growing more rice on less land and water, farmers need new rice varieties adapted to changing climatic conditions.

An atlas…of the human brain?

A groundbreaking human-brain atlas, the extraordinary result of a Canadian-German collaboration, is considered so revolutionary that it was recognized by the MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s breakthrough technologies of 2014.

¿Un atlas… del cerebro humano?

Un espectacular atlas del cerebro humano, el extraordinario resultado de un trabajo en conjunto de profesionales canadienses y alemanes, se considera tan revolucionario que ha sido reconocido por el Instituto de Tecnología de Massachusets (MIT) como una de las innovaciones tecnológicas de 2014.

Descifrar la diversidad del arroz para mejorar la producción

Se estima que para satisfacer las demandas de alimentos de la población mundial la producción de arroz debería aumentar un 24% para el año 2050. Para ello, además de los desafíos que implica un aumento de los cultivos de arroz en menos extensiones de tierra y agua, los agricultores necesitan nuevas variedades que se adapten a las cambiantes condiciones climáticas.

Amazon riverbeds as information highways…unlocking education and economic opportunities

Undersea cables are being installed along Amazon riverbeds to deliver connectivity to remote communities, providing access to education and supporting regional development.

Los cauces fluviales del Amazonas como vías informativas… dando acceso a la educación y oportunidades económicas

En los cauces de los ríos del Amazonas se están instalando cables subfluviales para ofrecer conectividad a comunidades remotas, brindando acceso a educación y apoyando el desarrollo regional.

Helping to win the race against severe weather

With extreme weather events increasingly hitting news headlines around the world, accurate and timely forecasts are essential for effective disaster warning and mitigation systems. This, in turn, calls for joint research efforts within the global meteorological community to improve models and tools for predicting severe weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, heat waves etc.

Monitoring and forecasting extreme environmental events to save lives

When the Latin American Observatory of Extraordinary Events announced in October 2011 that rainfall was expected to be above average for the South American Northwest and above average for the Southeast of the same region, an early alert for floods was issued for Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, and one of a drought for North-western Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. This is an example of how the information gathered and disseminated by the Observatory, a collaboration involving a number of institutions, helps Latin American nations with risk management for extreme environmental events.

Removing the barrier of distance with robot-guided virtual museum tours

"Today’s students love technology and integrating technology in education every day helps students stay engaged and prepares them for the future. The Museum Robot program at the National Museum of Australia not only integrates technology and engineering concepts, it also brings the history curriculum alive in a new and exciting way to students all over the country."

Accelerating genomics research discovery to feed the world and fight disease

Faster access to genomics data aids researchers collaborating to find better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer, as well those working to develop new plant varieties resistant to pests, floods and drought.