REUNA (Chile)

REUNA is Chile's national research and education network


Chile and CERN communicating closely

Even if you are a researcher living in the most southern country in the world, you can still participate in groundbreaking global research. For example, the Science and Technology Center of Valparaíso in Chile plays a role in the ATLAS experiment at CERN in Switzerland.


Chilean scientists watch explosion of 61 supernovas in real-time

Studies by scientists in Chile shed light on phenomenon related to the creation of the Universe, the formation of celestial bodies and the characterization of different kinds of stars. “Our goal is to understand the parent stars of supernovas. I mean, what kind of star produced the explosion”, says researcher Francisco Förster.


The first Chilean virtual observatory fires up

ChiVO, the first Chilean Virtual Observatory, and one of many virtual observatory projects underway around the world, was launched in April 2015. ChiVO is an astro-informatic platform for the administration and analysis of massive amounts of data coming from the observatories built across the country. The ALMA telescope, for example, located in the Andean highlands, is expected to generate around over one Terabyte of data per day. CHiVO will provide advanced computing tools, storage and fast data transfer rates using research network infrastructure so that the Chilean astronomical community can optimize observation time. But it’s not only astronomers who will benefit from CHiVO, students at schools across the country will also be able to access the data to learn about the universe.